Fatbike Tenkara 

My dad and I took out a Surly Troll and Ice Cream Truck on a Tenkara fishing adventure this week.  We drove out to the south fork of the salmon where the road ends and rode down the closed section fishing only the best holes.   My 11-ft Iwana from Tenkara USA preformed excellently. I am … More Fatbike Tenkara 

The plan.

A new journey awaits me with one simple intention: to open my heart and find love for this life again. I want to learn to speak Spanish and feel the freedom of expressing myself in a foreign tongue. I want to own only that which I can pack on my bike. I want to know in … More The plan.


8/26/13 4:45pm Trail Complete!! All 2660 miles of it!! 4 months and 1 week. It was raining, and for the last 6 miles of my PCT thru-hike I was relatively miserable, but as I arrived at the Northern Terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail at the border of The United States and Canada the clouds … More Canada!!!

The Last Supper!

40 miles today! Not a typo!! That’s the longest mileage day of the whole trail. But I got into camp at 9 so it didn’t actually take me that long. This morning featured a medium sized climb and some great views. At my first break around noon I noticed that my pack was splitting apart. … More The Last Supper!


8/23 At 3:22 am this morning it began to rain. I had hiked late to find a camp and had decided to risk getting wet by sleeping without setting up my tarp shelter. It wasn’t so bad when it started to rain because I had had this happen to me once in Oregon. I just … More Stehekin!

Big day!

8/22 Today was Tough!  I climbed over 11,000 feet and descended over 10,000. It was ridiculously straining and I got 33 miles done in that time. This may have been the most elevation gain/loss in one day for the entire trip. Bambi and I night hiked into camp and it is currently 9:44z I absolutely … More Big day!


Didn’t hike out until 10 am from the hostel. Had breakfast with Tom, sage girl, baby face and Dixie. Tom paid for our meal which was very nice of him. The final stretch here is taking some serious work. It ain’t easy! Full day tomorrow. It’s 9:30 so I am headed to bed. Really really … More 8/17